What is Watchdog Business Tools?

Watchdog Business Tools help you hire employees, independent contractors, and agencies who follow best practices, safeguard your IP and grow your business

This suite of tools was developed out of the combination of 35 years in the HVAC segment with 29 years of marketing and business growth experience.

Using these tools to help scale a business 1000x over 4 years… this is a user-friendly SaaS that every business owner needs to watch over their most important assets – their team and their IP – as they focus on growing their business.

Proven Formula For Fast Business Growth

Hire the right vendors to scale your business. Entrust subject matter experts to apply their expertise.

You may be the best at what you do, but to grow and scale your business, it is inevitable that you will need help from other people. You need employees that will help you in your daily activities, you need agencies that will leverage your investments and make you reach more people.

How do you go out and bring someone completely unknown to your business? You are always the first one to arrive, the last to live, usually on the holidays and weekends. You don’t want a weak agency on your side, right?

This has always been one of our biggest problems as well.. How can we be sure that the employee we are hiring, the agency, the contractor we are bringing onboard are the best candidates? It is impossible to be sure… But we can mitigate the uncertainty and evaluate better those that will be working with us.

We made it our job to inspect what we expected from those contractors. With audits, we made sure they followed the best practices for growth.

 Even after hiring an independent contractor for a role, we never assumed we hired the right one. We monitored their performance to identify if they were delivering exactly what we expected. With a high-level best practices checklist, we were able to ensure they were worth their grain of salt, and that all strategies were being implemented.

Some agencies are better at selling themselves and providing misleading results. Most of the time we end up with low transparency and weak return on investment. We were able to eliminate that altogether, and worked hand in hand with our vendors to implement every possible avenue for lead generation.

Protecting IP and keeping it out of the hands of the competition.

Most companies, including ours, never consider the importance of rock-solid provisions and clauses to protect all outputs. Usually, a copy-paste contract from the web or a handshake agreement is used. 

Until we had our website stolen from under us, almost lost access to Google search prospects, we never gave it a second thought. 

Long story short, we hired an agency and because of the flimsy contract, the agency sold it to FOUR different companies! Because of the duplicate content, Google could’ve de-indexed our property and essentially made us invisible to our clients.

We are currently suing the agency. After all the time, legal fees, hassle, rework, we’ll be well over six figures down.

What we came up with that other businesses need to replicate the same growth

Scorecards to Hire the Right Vendors

  • Expertly crafted scorecards
  • Interview any vendor that crosses your path
  • No more second-guessing if you hired the right agency

Audits to Hold Vendors Accountable

  • Checklist Audits
  • Diagnose your performance on different marketing channels
  • Suggestions of improvement on each of your strategies

Intellectual Property Frameworks and Provisions

  • Ready for use clauses and contracts
  • Ownership of your Intellectual Property
  • Confidentiality Agreement

Implementing all the tech and systems-based applications to run smooth and effectively

  • Access to exclusive and constantly updated training library
  • Transparency into the tools and methodologies are being followed