Email marketing, like any other marketing medium, has its own set of best practices. Whether you’re sending welcome emails, categorizing your lists, or personalizing your messages, you’ll probably employ best practices daily.

If you’re employing these best practices, you’ll likely recognize that these best practices are essential to the success of any campaign. However, what about lesser-known techniques? Are you employing every reliable process to ensure marketing success?

Below are five often-overlooked (but equally essential) practices you must learn for maximum campaign effectiveness.

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1. Utilize Proper Photos

Every email marketer is aware of the value of adding high-quality photos to email campaigns. However, image quality is not the only factor. You must also examine whether you are employing the appropriate graphics for your brand.

If you’re wondering what type of image to include in an email, photos with faces are the greatest option. According to a recent study, Instagram photos with faces garner 30% more “Likes” than those without.

You may believe that social network sites such as Instagram and Twitter are completely different from email, yet they actually share many similarities. The objective of both social media and email is to engage an audience.

Consider whether the selected images complement the general topic of your email, and avoid using distracting images.

2. Use Contrasts To Your Advantage

If you prefer text-based emails over those with numerous images, you can easily incorporate this style into your campaigns. Using contrast to your advantage is one of the best practices that will help you generate extremely readable and effective emails with the right approach.

3. Keep Things Simple

In terms of email, simplicity is preferable. Avoid using an excessive number of colors and images in your email. Too many components may slow delivery or appear unprofessional to the audience.

Remember to eliminate unnecessary content from your email wherever possible. By keeping your content clear and brief, you demonstrate that you value your subscribers’ time.

Customers are not only more likely to suggest a brand that delivers simplicity, but they are also more prepared to pay for a simpler experience, according to the Simplicity Index.

4. Check For Errors Before Sending

To demonstrate your professionalism, your emails must be free of grammatical and typographical errors.

Proofread your emails to avoid making errors. If you lack the confidence to proofread, you may ask two members of your team to do so on your behalf.

One is responsible for first proofreading, while the other is responsible for final proofreading. So, if the first person misses an error during the initial proofreading, another person can perform extra proofreading.

5. Take Accountability For Your Mistakes

Obviously, proofreading does not make you immune to mistakes. Given that you are human, it is inevitable that you will make mistakes at some point.

What matters is your or your team’s response to these errors. If you send an email with an error and just realized it after the fact, the best course of action is to admit your mistake.

Send a follow-up email, confess your error, and offer your subscribers something. By doing so, you indicate that you recognize the difficulty and wish to make amends.

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Email Marketing Services Just For You

Differentiate yourself from other marketers. These best practices are frequently forgotten, but that doesn’t mean you can’t implement them with every message you send.

Use these techniques to guarantee that your emails achieve their intended purpose, whether that’s generating social media shares, updating your subscribers, or turning leads into paying customers.

You may also avail of services to do the task for you. Start your hiring process today and look for a marketing company that can help your business or brand grow. Learn more about Scorecards by Watchdog Business Tools.