Frequently Asked Questions

Any business who currently has, or is considering using, independent contractors, vendors, agencies, outsourcers, and/or employees. The provisions and protections will help your lawyer ensure your employee and contractor contracts protect your intellectual property from shysters.

With Scorecards and Audits, you learn how much your teams know and how they are implementing their knowledge. Then, when you assess output, you can see if they’re using their skillset, or just calling it in. Your business should always demand only the best results.

Without inspecting what you expect, you could be throwing thousands down the drain each and every month. You will be able to ask the right questions to help you select only the most competent contractors, agencies, vendors and employees for your business needs. Then, by protecting your intellectual property in your contracts, your team will know the exact remedies you’ll deploy if they choose to steal from you and sell your IP to the highest bidder.

This will happen with agencies and people who talk a big game, but really have no clue what they’re doing. If this is the case, consider finding a replacement and use the scoring system to gauge their abilities.

Definitely. Scorecards will help ensure you bring on a knowledgeable temp, and then Audits are exactly the kind of Best Practices expectations an employee can use to make sure the most essential components are completed. From there, a deeper dive into specific tactics in the Systems Library can give them thorough guidance and how-to’s.

No. Our software will guide you through specific questionnaires that will identify provisions you need to protect your business’ intellectual property from contractors and employees. Those provisions are ready for your lawyer to review so you can place them in a contract. This drastically cuts down on total legal expenses, requiring much less of their time because they’re just reviewing versus researching and writing.

Definitely. Any company that is actively engaged in marketing needs oversight and monitoring or else all that investment could be spent wastefully. A productive $1,000 on marketing can be equal to $3,000 in an unchecked campaign.

Yes and No. Yes because you need to score and evaluate your current systems and teams. But the actual work to improve those ineffective systems is provided in the suite, and can be handed to anyone. The work is front-loaded to get the best candidates and then to set them up for success with your organization.

Yes! When you first sign up, we have a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. Then, moving forward, if you are unhappy with Watchdog Business Tools, you can cancel the monthly fee at any time.