Protect Your Company’s Intellectual Property.

Your company is constantly hiring people, both internally and externally. You seek field experts to help you solve your business needs, so you can grow and scale.

Unfortunately, not every employee, vendor, agency or contractor ends up being on the “up and up” and some end up stealing from your company.

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Your Intellectual Property, Is Your Company’s Set Of Secret Recipes… Watchdog Business Tools, Helps You Protect Your Assets.

We’re not talking about staplers or reams of paper. We’re talking about systems developed by your team. Or processes you’ve streamlined over time that, if somehow leaked to your competitors, would seriously undermine your company’s competitive advantage.

Just because your IP isn’t patents or mathematical algorithms doesn’t make it any less valuable.

So what can you do when someone steals important intel from your company? It all depends on how prepared you were and what safeguards you put in their work contract.

  • What provisions do you have in place that spells out the consequences of someone stealing from your company?

  • When working with outside contractors, do your contracts thoroughly define what your Intellectual Property entails and which assets are the company’s at the end of the project?

  • What kind of contracts do you have with Independent Contractors who receive some kind of employee-related benefits?

Having clarity baked into your work contracts ensures that both you and they know the consequences if they step over that line and take any asset of your company from day one until the relationship ends.

Watchdog Business Tools gives you the exact provisions you need to hand your attorney so they can review and help you safeguard the contracts with your employees and external teams.

How can Watchdog Business Tools help you protect what’s rightfully yours?

The first step is to complete a short questionnaire so your Watchdog can understand a few critical points:

The working relationship
between you and them.

What your contract
already has in place.

What you need to add to
your contract to protect
the company’s assets.

The questionnaire lasts 1-2 minutes and then you immediately receive a list of custom provisions that you can download and send to your attorney to customize for your business needs.It’s as simple as that!

Having a Watchdog in place can help you build a strong, productive team focused on achieving your strategic business goals.