Inspect What You Expect From Your Marketing Efforts.

All too often we get caught up thinking that the holy grail for stabilizing and growing your business is to have a constant flow of inbound prospects and customers.

And since we aren’t experts at all the gazillion marketing channels and tactics that are available today, we hire those who say they are experts in their field to help us grow our sales.

But if you’re not a marketing expert, how are you supposed to know if all the double-speak the agency sales rep or new employee told you was real? 

Do they truly have the experience and skills to bring you an onslaught of new, hungry traffic… or are they full of bologna and in a couple months you’ll end up firing them in frustration as you’ve done so many times before?

Get rid of the Fakers, Fraudsters, and Rookies that want you to pay them to learn on the job. Join our webinar and learn more about the importance of getting the right person to work with you.


How do you know if the people you hire are as good as they say they are?

how can you hold them accountable for bringing you the results they promised when you hired them?

Watchdog Business Tools brings you a ready-built system to:

Quickly weed out the wheat from the chaff
Make applicants prove they know their stuff
Show they are capable of creating marketing campaigns based on industry-standard best practices
Check that they have set up your campaigns properly
And are achieving the results you expect from them

Through a series of hiring Scorecards, you have dozens of pre-written questions designed to test their marketing knowledge. Plus you easily score their answers based on each marketing channel’s 10 best practices. 

These aren’t just for applicants, you can test your current marketing team’s knowledge just as easily. 

There’s no need for you to become a marketing expert in order to hire one.

Then, every few months, you or your manager can follow through our marketing channel audits to ensure your accounts and campaigns have been created and maintained using industry standards. 

Verify the marketing plan they’ve employed has been set up properly and is achieving the goals you’ve set. 

And if you find your team is lacking in systems knowledge for the various marketing channels your company engages in, our robust Marketing Systems Library can walk them, step by step, through implementing various high-ROI marketing tactics.

Watchdog Business Tool is an easy-to-use SaaS that is available to you and your team 24/7/365.