If you’re like the majority of our clients, you’ve already dealt with a digital marketing agency, and the experience was likely unpleasant.

There are numerous reasons why businesses move from one brand marketing agency to another, but the most common is that they did not see results.

The thing is… Regardless of your business, you want to engage with marketing agencies that generate results; however, you do not know what to look for.

Are you questioning what went wrong with your previous agency? Here are a few potential culprits for unsatisfactory results (or lack thereof):

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1. Unable To Fulfill Promises

If your previous agencies were more focused on acquiring clients than growing your business, you may have encountered this terrible scenario.

Unfortunately, when you are deep in the sales process with an agency that is eager to sign you, they may make unachievable promises.

They will set you up for failure if you’re dealing with an agency that lacks the proper blend of knowledge and expertise.

The best agencies will want you to win, but if they promise you the moon, they are likely to be deceiving you.

2. Focused On Irrelevant Things More Than Results

Perhaps you started working with an agency with a few concrete objectives in mind. If your agency frequently stated, “We can do that for you,” rather than asking, “What do you want to accomplish with that?”, the agency may not be in it for the right reasons.

Your agency should not provide any initial guarantees. If you signed a retainer agreement in which they guaranteed you X number of new clients, $XXX,XXX in sales, and XX number of keywords ranking on Page 1 of SERPs, you have a major problem.

3. Realistic Expectations Weren’t Set

In the end, agencies can only guarantee the best with the resources they are provided.

Let’s be honest. When it comes to keeping an agency on retainer, the amount of work they can provide for you is contingent on the size of your retainer agreement.

Marketing retainers ensure that you are collaborating with a team of experienced professionals that you can rely on to bridge the knowledge, performance, and operational gaps in your marketing campaigns. When you opt to outsource instead of depending on in-house marketing staff, you trust that you will receive a greater return on your investment.

Despite the fact that no one enjoys discussing finances, it is a topic that must take place immediately.

If you’re securing the equivalent of 25 agency hours a month and their sales representative promises a performance that would require more than 70 hours, they’re setting up your business and your relationship for failure.

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4. Confuses “Dynamic” with “On Demand”

You hired an agency to assist you in setting your business up for marketing success. Both of you cannot afford to be distracted.

Let’s imagine that your company is working on a high-value lead generation campaign backed by industry information and expertise, intricately and painstakingly built and developed to help you reach a particular goal. You suddenly realize that your sales staff will be attending a tradeshow next week, and you are using an outdated brochure.

Do you want your agency to take time away from their campaign to assist you in updating your branded materials?

No is, from an agency’s standpoint, the most difficult word to speak in answer to this kind of request.

If your agency did not generate the desired results, analyze how many of these softballs you threw their way. Were they more interested in saying “yes” than in assisting you to succeed?

You may be pleased to have a new brochure at the tradeshow, but when you assess your year and discover that your lead generation efforts were unsuccessful, the only person you can blame is your agency, not a specific individual.

Assess Agencies The Best Way

There are numerous elements to consider when working with an online agency that does not appear to be producing growth.

How do they measure marketing return on investment? Does your retainer agreement provide a detailed list of goals and objectives? Your agency explained the distinction between short-term quick wins and setting the foundation for long-term success, correct?

Every single marketing strategy should be established, created, and implemented with the client’s goal in mind.

Scorecards can help you avoid wasting time and money on the wrong online marketing agency, allowing you to handpick the ideal one for your business aims.

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